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JSMM Utilizes Large Database To Land Press Hit And Large Numbers Of Impressions For MotoVox Before AIMExpo Motorsport Show

MotoVox Shows at AIMExpo 2014 in Orlando
MotoVox Shows at AIMExpo 2014 in Orlando

MotoVox Showcases Products at AIMExpo 2014 in Orlando

Jennings Social Media Marketing recently planned out a social media engagement and public relations strategy to help APT MotoVox, Inc. promote its appearance at the AIMExpo Motorsport show in Orlando. By using public relations techniques, JSMM promoted MotoVox’s appearance at the show to a database of 1.6 million and helped MotoVox reach two million social media impressions a week leading up to the show. JSMM also landed MotoVox a press hit in Torqued Magazine which detailed MotoVox’s plans to unveil seven new products at the AIMExpo. MotoVox left the show a big winner, going home with awards for “Rookie of the Year” and “Best Presentation over 400 Square Feet.”

Zombie Woman Works To Scare Visitors

A Zombie Helps Promote MotoVox’s Contest at AIMExpo 2014 to Win a Bike

While at the AIMExpo, MotoVox conducted a contest for show visitors to win a bike through a campaign involving zombies. JSMM utilized the show’s Twitter hasthtag #aimexpo and MotoVox’s hashtag #zombike to interact with vendors and visitors to the show to promote the contest and invite people to participate in the contest. MotoVox was also able to promote its acquisition of MotoPed and showcase motopeds to distributors and show visitors.

Visitors At MotoVox Display, AIMExpo 2014

Visitors Gather Around the MotoVox Booth at AIMExpo 2014

The AIMExpo is America’s premier motorcycle show with annual participation of over 3,400 vendors and tens of thousands of consumers. As a result of JSMM’s efforts and their appearance at the show, MotoVox has received interest from over 400 dealers to distrbute their products in the near future.

JSMM Grows US Coachways Impressions By 1,500% In One Week


In just one week, Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) took its client US Coachways’ weekly social media impressions from 50,000 to over 800,000, up by a staggering 1,500 percent. Specials that JSMM created for the website generated over 3,000 leads in one month, 136 leads from Facebook in a week and 130 calls from Facebook in a week. US Coachways, a national bus charter company, retained JSMM in June when its social media channels were very small. Most of the growth has been organic besides a small advertising budget on Facebook.





Find out more about the success below-


  • Since JSMM started writing content for the US Coachways Facebook and Twitter accounts, impressions have reached two million, including 1.1 million impressions in the past month alone.
  • In one week in September, impressions cleared the 800,000 mark due to a Facebook ad campaign regarding specials on the US Coachways page.

Press Releases and National Media

  • US Coachways has appeared on websites and in publications, both with national and international readership, such as Yahoo! Finance, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Miami Herald.
  • When searching Google for headlines about US Coachways, nearly 10,000 results are retrieved.


  • Partnering with Six Flags for contests has also helped increase US Coachways’ social media profile. Contests have led to hundreds of entries across platforms including Facebook and Instagram.
  • Brand recognition has gone up as one of the top choices for amusement park bus rental companies.
  • Contests have created opportunities for interaction between fans and US Coachways on various platforms.


  • Through creative writing and interviews with experts, blogs have also helped US Coachways reach new audiences.
  • Help A Reporter Out (HARO) has become a valuable tool to create specific blog content by interviewing experts. Blogs with expert opinions have helped increase impressions by exposing US Coachways to the audiences of the experts.
  • Blogs have been picked up and shared not only on social media channels, but on other blogs and websites, as well.
  • By using various outlets and methods, JSMM has helped US Coachways expand its footprint across many social media outlets. As US Coachways continues to grow, JSMM will continue to report on the successes experienced by working with the company.


JSMM Drives Search Marketing for IT & Managed Services Company


Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) has been working with MDL Technology, a managed services and IT company in Kansas City for several years. Before JSMM represented MDL; the company had a small online presence; an overseas company with a similar name showing up in its search results before MDL; social media channels were inactive; and there was no formal internal marketing team or email marketing campaigns to build an online presence.

MDL needed full service marketing support and was looking for an agency to accomplish the task for its team. From scratch, JSMM created a marketing machine for MDL to keep the engine running. Along the way, JSMM also discovered that the IT company’s website was not necessarily driving the type of results from a search engine marketing perspective, so JSMM utilized several marketing tactics to enhance MDL’s overall presence online and drive leads. Thanks to JSMM’s comprehensive research and analysis as well as its on-target social media strategies, MDL Technology was brought to Page 1 of Google search results. MDL’s email marketing open rates perform above the industry average and JSMM secured PR placements for the company. Additionally, JSMM provided quantifiable reporting regarding social media channels via Sprout Social, which is approximately 6,000 impressions each week

Mark Dryer, president of MDL, said, “We didn’t have an internal marketing team and needed support right away to increase awareness among current clients and prospects. JSMM took the ball running by providing search marketing, reporting, blogging, online press releases, e-Newsletters, social media content, blog posts and press coverage. We began to see some online leads come in through the website and noticed better positioning on Google search. Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, and her team have done an excellent job driving this so we can do what we do best, our jobs. We highly recommend them,” said Dryer.

Social media is increasingly becoming a powerful force for SEO, according to Social Media Today, especially since Google is using measures to keep link building from improving a website’s Google placement ranking. The old method of building fake links to a business’ website no longer works, so social media is more critical than ever.

According to Jennings, social media is driving organic search engine optimization. “Today, search marketers are latching onto social media to drive search results and online leads. This is one of the fastest ways to jump start a company’s online presence, but the content must mirror the SEO strategy that drives business. If the longtail search phrases do not match, then it’s just words going up on pages. MDL is a key player in the managed services space in Kansas City and we are excited to be working with them.”

MDL Technology, LLC is a Kansas City IT and managed services company that specializes in worry-free computer support by providing solutions for around-the-clock network monitoring, hosting, data recovery, off-site backup security and much more.  For more information visit

What Does A Social Media Marketer Do At JSMM?

By Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

As a social media marketer at Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM), I craft targeted social media posts (including for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger and WordPress), engage with industry influencers, write online press releases, case studies and e-Newsletters and pitch reporters.  We have a wide variety of clients so I’m also accustomed to writing for many different audiences across automotive, real estate, technology, workspace/architecture planning, education, legal, financial/money management/retirement, manufacturing, bridal, art, restaurants, home and garden DIY, celebrities and auction brands to name a few!  It’s not difficult once you learn how to organize brand voice, which Valerie Jennings, our CEO, helps out a lot with when she is working with clients. If I had to pick the highlight of my job, I would say it’s working on so many different types of client projects and learning about their industries. It’s quite an undertaking, but anyone who likes a great challenge, would love it.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing awesome results. For example we have had more than 100,000 impressions on client channels including Facebook and twitter in seven days and major media hits from our PR outreach.  All of those accomplishments while working with the team at JSMM is extremely exciting and the best part of my job.

Additionally, our clients receive a great ROI. Our social media and PR strategies can generate business leads, increase online brand visibility, enhance brand reputation, boost organic SEO and even provide cost savings due to outsourcing content development, marketing social media and online reputation management.

Nobody knows their businesses better than our clients, so I work with them to make sure their vision for their branding comes to life in the online storytelling that we do at JSMM. We incorporate their feedback into our social media strategies as well as come up with cool ideas to bounce around. Most of this comes from Valerie’s direction as she works side-by-side with all of our clients no matter how large or small – from publicly traded companies to startups.

I love working at JSMM because it allows me to be involved with a fun, fast-changing industry where I’m constantly learning new things, both about social media and the diverse industries our clients are a part of. I also couldn’t ask to be part of a better team. Valerie is a true thought leader in the field and working with her is an amazing experience.


How To Work With A Social Media Agency

download (1)

By Valerie Jennings, CEO and founder of JSMM & VBM

If you are seeking to hire a social media consultant, employee, vendor or agency, you need to be aware of the following issues. One important caveat: Most social media professionals are very trustworthy and invaluable to the growth and development of the industry. However, this goes out to the few who may not have been as straight with some of our clients. Please note this is an educational opportunity for those who are interviewing or who wish to interview pros in the future. If you have any questions regarding any of these items, please contact me via email. Happy Hunting!

Photo: kibsri /

1. Don’t get caught up in the hyperbole. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t know social media. If you know your business, marketing or how to measure ROI, then you will be able to cross-pollinate your knowledge. A good social media agency, vendor or professional will help you analyze your brand, strategy, analytics and quantify your ROI. You are always the smartest person on the room. Don’t forgot that, but always be sure you understand what they are saying and make sure to create a list of questions in advance about what all of the buzzwords mean, etc.

2. PR solves all of your problems. We have been led to believe that the word PR means you get famous. Not true. PR can and will showcase your brand and help you become semi-well known. If you want to be famous then just pull a prank, commit a major crime or be absolutely offensive. I might be exaggerating a little, but if you aren’t spending beaucoup bucks, then forget it. Some people get lucky, some get creative, but most smaller brands get covered up in the dust. It’s a hard road to haul, but you can develop high quality relationships with very influential people, bloggers, media and gatekeepers. I would say you are talking about more relationship-driven marketing which pays off better in most cases. Dive in and begin working in the trenches to build high-quality relationships with bloggers, reporters and key online influencers via Twitter. The media is everywhere, but your targeted opportunities are few and far between until you build up a strong relationship with those who will be there for the long haul to promote your brand. We develop media, influencer and blogger lists to start with, analyze the lists and develop strategies to start breaking down barriers right away for our clients. This is hard work, but it is well worth the pain.

3. Give your dog a bone!  If your social media is singing to you, then leave it alone. But if you need a fresh perspective or a high dose of vitamin C to get your creative juices flowing, then have someone look at your social media for you. With that said: Know when to say when!  If you just can’t seem to find the magic potion to get the engines fired up, then call it a day. There is a very pragmatic rule of thumb here: If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. On the flip side, the reverse is also true: If it ain’t workin’, you need a better mechanic or you are grasping at straws. Social media is one of those things where more is sometimes less, meaning you do not need to be on every single social network, channel or emerging platform, but you do need to find your groove with your target audience and spend time building up a base. Don’t tackle everything at once and get your content map organized first. If you don’t have a working content plan, then this is not going to work. Often times, that is the best place to start building a working relationship with a social media pro. By the way, if you are interested in knowing what might happen with the right social media team, here is a list of ways to measure and/or results to track over time.

  • Fantastic SEO results

  • Incredible PR opportunities

  • B2B and B2C sales

  • Amazing discounts

  • Email acquisition

  • Website traffic

  • Lead generation

  • Cool coupons, promotions and profit  increases

  • Online branding

  • Online monitoring, reputation management and targeting buyers

  • Increase in overall fan engagement if targeted to the brand

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Business 2 Community Interviews Valerie Jennings: 2014 Social Media Predictions


Business 2 Community recently featured Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, in Vignesh Subramanyan’s article, “The Future of Social Media: 60 Experts Share Their 2014 Predictions.”

In order to keep companies ahead of the curve in a fast-changing industry, the article showcased experts who shared insight into what changes and transformations social media will go through in the coming year.

According to Jennings, “2014 should be the year Twitter takes center stage and moves into the spotlight. Additionally, we can expect to see more information regarding the ways in which Google’s new algorithm will impact search, social media and customer acquisition. Pinterest will also demonstrate some new and improved value to businesses regarding its ongoing updates to improving ads performance. All told, 2014 should be the year of perfectionism across existing platforms with respect to ads targeting, micro-targeting prospects and customer acquisition. New and improved social media mobile ads will drive the best performance, which is where most of the advertising ground is to be gained for marketers, media buyers and brands,” she said.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Subramanyan for featuring Jennings. You can read the full article here.

Media Life Magazine Interviews Valerie Jennings About Future of Social Media


We’d like to give a huge thank you to Media Life Magazine reporter Toni Fitzgerald for featuring Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, in her recent article, “For Social Media, Embracing Mobile.”

The article explored why mobile will become the most important aspect of social media in 2014 and what other trends social media marketers can expect to see in the coming year, featuring expert quotes and insight from Jennings.

In the interview, Jennings told Fitzgerald that the increase in mobile device usage is driving key changes in advertising performance. She also notes that companies will need to step up their game and keep an eye on pop culture conversations in social media. “To understand an audience is like understanding what shoes go with your favorite outfit before you step out the door. It’s natural. It doesn’t require rocket science and it’s not faked,” Jennings said.

Check out the full article on Media Life Magazine here.


Free Tools to Measure Social Media Results


According to an article on Search Engine Watch, media outlets like Business Insider have been reporting on the death of social ROI, in part due to the fact that many social media activities can’t be measured using a transactional formula like the kind traditionally used,

(Image: Forbes)

However, according to Nicole Harrison, CEO of The Passion Labs, social media done correctly will always get results and many tools exist that can help social media marketers deliver an ROI.

See below for some of the top tools compiled by Harrison and Search Engine Watch:


HootSuite is a good all around tool to use for management and metrics tracking. You can schedule posts from multiple social media channels as well as create over 30 individual reports. The free metrics are somewhat limited, but for beginners it’s all you will need.


SocialMention is an aggregate tool similar to Google Alerts, but for social media, only. This will give you insight into not only what is being said, but who is saying it and what the general sentiment is.

You can set an RSS feed, email alerts, or even add a real-time widget to your website. You can also download a CSV/Excel file for further evaluation.


Monitoring influence isn’t an exact science, but having a tool that helps you begin to gage someone’s online presence can be useful. Klout is a free tool that will allow you to measure influence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and several other channels.


Click here to see the full list.


National Airline History Museum’s Vets Event Soars! Case Study


Kansas City’s Salute to Veterans was a swinging success Nov. 8, 2013 when veterans, POWs, military servicemen and women along with other attendees gathered at the National Airline History Museum to celebrate the nation’s heroes in 1940s attire and danced to the Dave Stephens Band.

JSMM provided all social media services, increased attendance and drove up engagement across social media channels.  In the month leading up to the event, the number of Facebook fans increased by 118.5 percent and social media channels received a staggering 41,000 impressions.

John Roper, vice president of operations for the National Airline History Museum, said, “I was highly impressed by all of the work JSMM did for us. The team worked hard to get our event radio advertisers, speakers, fans and attendees.  We did everything we could to invite new Kansas Citians who have an appreciation and passion for aviation and our nation’s military.  Everyone was thrilled by the outcome and we will be utilizing JSMM next year for our 3rd Annual Salute to Vets!”


JSMM Releases New Case Study With Twentyseven Global


Posted by Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

Social media strategies implemented by JSMM enabled Twentyseven Global to build business, branding and online reputation. The Kansas City mobile application development and software engineering firm retained JSMM over a year ago, and since then, the company has increased online visibility and branding, appearing on Google page one search results within the first few weeks. JSMM compiled a comprehensive roadmap and a research assessment highlighting vital marketing elements including the competitive landscape, important business keywords and more. Twentyseven Global saw business leads from online searches, an overall increase in business development and sales due to online marketing, an increase in cost-savings due to outsourcing the content development marketing, social media and online reputation management and 100 percent improvement in Google search placement due to social media marketing.

Read The Case Study Now

According to Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, “We had some keywords research from Steve, but all in all we needed to start from scratch. JSMM completed a research assessment that highlighted the top performing keywords, competitive landscape, influencers, PR opportunities, go-to-market approaches and monitoring. Today, we are still leveraging a lot of these tactics, but we are about to identify a more complete B2B plan to drive in inbound, indirect marketing leads. We won’t be finished with this new strategy until we see new, tangible, inbound leads from social media content.”

Steve Roatch, CEO of TwentySeven Global, added, “We are optimistic about what the future holds with the new monitoring we are starting to test, reviewing competitors as well as opportunities being tweeted about mobile and software development work from businesses, influencers and media outlets. New initiatives are underway to test new inbound forms of marketing which Valerie is driving.”


Tracie Burke, owner of TITLE Boxing Club – Parkville, Gives JSMM a Knockout Review


Posted by Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

Tracie Burke, owner of TITLE Boxing Club – Parkville, recently gave Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) a knockout review for our services.

(Photo Credit: TITLE Boxing Club)

Burke said, “TITLE Boxing Club of Parkville retained Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) for on-going social media content, fan growth, promotional opportunities, organic search engine optimization (SEO), social network advertising and membership acquisition. TBC of Parkville needed more engagement across our social media channels and JSMM expanded it very quickly. The team ramped up multiple ads on Facebook including sponsored stories, news feed ads, boosted posts and ads; created a Facebook contest; and executed on several promotional strategies to drive memberships such as giving away free training sessions for referrals and even launching a campaign for a free seven-day pass. Many new testimonials have been shared on our Facebook page, we have seen new memberships and the fan base continues to grow. We are very happy with Jennings Social Media Marketing!”

We’re excited to receive such a fantastic review!


John Roper, VP of Operations for The National Airline History Museum, Gives Jennings Social Media Marketing a First Class Review

flugtag 2013 chicago 203

Posted by Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) received a first class review for its work by John Roper, VP of operations for the National Airline History Museum. Recently, Roper and his team competed in 2013 National Red Bull Flugtag in Chicago and relied on JSMM to promote the team, the Chicago event and generate traffic across major social media channels. While the budget was fairly modest, JSMM still increased the fan base by about 707 percent, increased overall Facebook engagement by about 11,900 percent and increased search engine optimization to page one on Google. The week before the event, posts from the team’s Facebook page reached almost 40,000 people.

Roper said during a video interview that he had a fantastic experience with JSMM CEO Valerie Jennings and her team. “I highly recommend Jennings Social Media for your company. One of the challenges that we faced was to try and develop a social media campaign, and we were able to use Valerie Jennings and and Jennings Social Media Marketing to execute that plan. Her team has done a great job sending a uniform message across all the platforms. We have a Facebook, Twitter, a better website and she has managed posts going through all of those media and kept a consistent message and made it so that our followers and people interested in the museum have been more engaged than ever.”

Watch the video below:

According to Jennings, “We enjoyed working with John and his team.  This was a very exciting project and we loved how fast paced it was as well as the deadlines Red Bull imposed during the competition. During the campaign, my second company Viral Bolt Media (VBM), also produced and edited nine videos over the course of a few days to promote the team. It was quite an accomplishment to knockout all of this work and still keep everything on budget.”

Competitors in Red Bull Flugtag build flying contraptions and launch them off of the side of a pier in hopes of breaking a distance record. While Team Connie did not rank this year due to unsafe wind and water conditions on the lake in Chicago, the team is ready to compete again next year.


Experience Fitness Gives Jennings Social Media Marketing Rave Review


By Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

Jennings Social Media Marketing recently received a rave review from Kelsey Ngeh, owner of Experience Fitness, LLC in Overland Park, Kan.

Ngeh said, “We retained Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) several months ago to overhaul our website; drive organic search engine optimization (SEO); generate engagement across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare and more; and complete a competitive R&D analysis to show us long-term social media, digital and SEO tactics. The ROI included page one search results on Google whereas before we didn’t show up anywhere as well as new clients from social media marketing, SEO, special online promotions, social network advertising and email marketing.

We highly recommend Jennings Social Media Marketing! We loved working with their team and their organization delivered on time, on budget and was very attentive to our needs,” Ngeh said.

JSMM is thrilled to receive such an outstanding review for its work.

Learn More about JSMM’s work!


Luxury Candle Manufacturer Endorses Jennings Social Media Marketing


By Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

Jennings Social Media Marketing received a glowing review of its work from Pam Fleischer, creative director at Creative Candles.

According to Fleischer, “Creative Candles retained Jennings Social Media Marketing for a 90-day trial to understand the competitive landscape, organic search engine optimization, social media marketing, content management, promotions, e-commerce, online PR and fan engagement. We discovered a great deal of information about our company and its online shopping opportunities right away by working with JSMM and its leadership. Our expectation with these new insights into online shopping behaviors, e-Commerce technology and the new fan base is to grow and evolve our shopping experience for our customers. JSMM provided us with the research, data, keywords, promotional ideas, email marketing offers, campaigns and social network advertising to get a very strong fan base in place, test offers and generate Web sales. I highly recommend JSMM and its services! The leadership was very attentive to our needs, stayed on budget and delivered on time,” Fleischer said.

JSMM is thrilled to receive the endorsement. Learn More about JSMM’s work!

Frank Ancona Honda President Endorses Jennings Social Media Marketing for Its Services


By Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

Frank Ancona Honda recently provided a testimonial for Jennings Social Media Marketing’s work on the dealerships account, stating in a press release that it has been an honor to work with the company and its CEO Valerie Jennings.  Over the last few years, the dealership has seen increases in SEO visibility, branding, website traffic and more.

According to Michael Ancona, president of Frank Ancona Honda, “Frank Ancona Honda has benefited from working with JSMM in many ways including search engine optimization, social networking, growing our Facebook fan base, running new contests and also utilizing Valerie‘s second company, Viral Bolt Media, for YouTube videos. We are very excited to continue our business relationship with her as she evolves both of her businesses and look forward to the work Viral Bolt Media and JSMM is doing for our $6 million construction remodel. We have had the privilege of working with Valerie as a business partner and a customer of our business, as she has purchased two cars from us. We are proud of her 10 years of business success. She is one of the most innovative business professionals I know and we take great pride in working with her and her team,” said Ancona.

Learn More.

JSMM is honored to be representing the dealership and looks forward to many successful campaigns in the near future.

Learn More about JSMM’s work!

How Does Twitter’s New Social Good Initiative Stack Up?

Posted by: DeAnn Farha

I want to share an article from written by Geoff Livingston about  Twitter’s Hope 140 application  to raise awareness for non-profit organizations. Last week,  #EndMalaria Campaign users participated by retweeting and donating $10 for World Malaria Day, through Hope 140 and TwitPay.  Twitter chooses what non-profit organization will be able to use Hope 140. Organizations such as Room to Read and Partners in Health will be launching its Hope 140 through retweets, public announcements and donations.

How Does Twitter’s New Social Good Initiative Stack Up?

Last month saw the latest Twitter (Twitter) foray into social good efforts with the launch of the new Hope140 initiative. Its #EndMalaria campaign over the past week featured the TwitPay platform for donations, creating a new call to action for Hope140. Twitter users participated in World Malaria Day by retweeting and donating $10. The Case Foundation matched donations with a $25,000 grant.

#EndMalaria demonstrated that Twitter can be more than an awareness mechanism for non-profits. Further, Twitter is using its Promoted Tweets feature as public service vehicle, launching with two charities; Room to Read, which is campaigning to promote the building of their 10,000th library, and Partners in Health. Now Twitter’s non-profit offering provides comprehensive capabilities, from click-throughs and retweets to bona fide donations and public service announcements.

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Twitter Announces New Tool to Embed Tweets

Posted By: Jared Cook

I want to share this article written by Adam Ostrow about how to embed a tweet.

HOW TO: Embed a Tweet

As expected, Twitter has rolled out a new tool that lets you embed a tweet on a website. The feature –- which we confirmed was on its way on Monday –- replaces the need to take a screenshot and crop tweets, like we often do in blog posts when we want to quote someone via Twitter.

Using “Blackbird pie,” you can create an embeddable tweet by first entering the URL for the chosen message in the form that Twitter has created (that URL can be found using the timestamp on a tweet – i.e. –- where it says “3 hours ago”).

From there, click “Bake It,” and Blackbird will generate the code needed to embed the tweet on your website. Twitter notes when “you paste it into your site, the tweet will pick up some of your styling, e.g. the font-family you use on your p tags. That’s intentional!” Here’s what the end result looks like:

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WordPress Founder Talks About the Platform’s Future [Video]

Posted by: DeAnn Farha

I want to share an article written by Julie O’Dell from about Matt Mullenwegm, founder of blogging software WordPress. The nonprofit WordPress Foundation plans to compete with Tumblr by offering free services such as PollDaddy, Akisment and buddyPress since the collapse of Ning.

WordPress Founder Talks About the Platform’s Future [VIDEO]

At WordCamp SF yesterday, we got to talk to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. He’s the man behind the Automattic empire, a collection of blogging software and complementary services, such as PollDaddy and the spam filtration system Akisment.

Mullenweg chatted with us about the demise of Ning and how buddyPress, his solution for communities, can help those folks who are left wondering about free alternatives. He also talked about how WordPress (WordPress) plans to compete with Tumblr (Tumblr), the status of the nonprofit WordPress Foundation, acquisition plans in 2010, WordPress’ focus on themes and even his favorite non-WordPress blogs.

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LinkedIn Gives Users the Ability to Follow Companies

Posted by: Maya Tao

I would like to share an article by Ben Parr from regarding the new following feature of LinkedIn. Users now can get automatic promotional and hiring updates from companies they follow, and they can also set up the frequencies as well as the types of information they would like to receive. Companies are expected to take the advantage of LinkedIn follow button to promote their profiles and seeking potential employees.

LinkedIn Gives Users the Ability to Follow Companies

LinkedIn has made it easier for users to connect with their favorites companies with the launch of “Follow Company,” a new feature that allows users to get notifications about activity happening from the companies they follow.

The new feature, which rolled out overnight, clearly takes cues from Facebook and Twitter — you can think of Follow Company as LinkedIn’s version of the Facebook Fan Page. However, instead of receiving status updates from the companies you follow, you will instead get information such as recent hires and promotions, new job opportunities and company profile updates.

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AP Stylebook Finally Changes “website to website”

Posted by:Maya Tao

I would like to share an article written by Adam Ostrow from regarding AP Stylebook recent modifications, such as changing “website” to “website,” and “e-mail” to “email.” Check out the new online version Here: AP Stylebook

AP Stylebook Finally Changes “website” to “website”

This might not mean much if you’re not writing or editing a tech blog, but news that the AP – whose stylebook is still the standard for all things grammar and punctuation in the news world — is officially changing “website” to “website” was met with a warm reception in our newsroom (and likely quite a few others) this afternoon.

We’d actually gone rogue on the issue ourselves several months ago, thinking that “website” was a rather antiquated way for describing “a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web.”

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Jennings Social Media Marketing Announces partnership with local technology companies

Posted by: Maya Tao

I would like to share an article written by David Twiddy featuring KC Next as the leading technology community. Jennings Social Media Marketing is one of the founding partners of KC Next, which is committed to supporting the technology industry in the greater Kansas City Region.When KC Next had its social networking event on April 1, 2010, it only had one clear goal: to help build the local industry.

Tech Firms Hope KC Next Expands, Connects Industry

Building on recent efforts to showcase Kansas City’s bioscience and animal health industries, a group of business leaders is rolling out a program to spotlight the area’s information technology community.

KC Next had its debut at an April 1 networking event for the tech sector. Organizers plan similar events in coming months with no set goals or timetables other than to build up the local industry.

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Twitter Launches @Anywhere Platform

By: Jared Cook

I would like to share an interesting article by Jennifer Van Grove, Associate Editor for, about Twitter’s newly launched @Anywhere Platform.

Twitter’s @Anywhere Platform Is Now Live


@Anywhere supports auto-linkification of usernames, hovercards (similar to ones we see on, follow buttons, tweet boxes and user login/signup options (a.k.a. Twitter Connect). All of these tools are meant to keep visitors Twitter-happy while on third party sites.

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New Google Twitter App Helps Users Find People To Follow

Posted By: Jared Cook

I would like to share a recent article written by Jennifer Van Grove, Associate Editor for, about Google’s newest Twitter application, Google Follow Finder. This brand new app makes it easier for users to find others they might like to follow.

Google Helps You Find People to Follow on Twitter

If you’ve already had your fill of Twitter news today — too bad — Google is out with yet another Twitter-related feature, this time releasing Google Follow Finder to help you discover new people to follow.

The new Google Twitter app is a product of the just released @anywhere developer tools and is a Google Labs (Google Labs) experiment with a singular purpose — to recommend Twitter users.

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Twitter’s COO and CEO Speak About Twitter’s Future And How It Will Make Money

Posted By: Jared Cook

I want to share a unique story written by Ben Parr, Co-Editor of, about the Chirp Conference in San Francisco where Twitter’s CEO and COO announced how Twitter plans to generate income.

Twitter COO: “Promoted Tweets Are Not Ads”

Twitter CEO Evan Williams and Twitter COO Dick Costolo have once again taken the stage at the Chirp Conference in San Francisco to speak about one of the biggest questions plaguing investors and pundits: How will Twitter make money?

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