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Non-Profit Social Networking Site To Launch

At the Social Good Summit held by Mashable and 92Y, Chris Hughes commented on the upcoming release of a new social network designed for non-profit organizations. Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, explained his passion for Jumo, the new network. Jumo will primarily exist to build relationships between people and non-profit organizations. He believes that giving begins with a relationship, and Jumo will help create these connections. Watch this video to learn more about the innovative social network that Hughes has planned.

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How to Follow New York Fashion Week

Posted by: Carlee Vellinga

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in full swing. While you may not be there, new websites and social networking opportunities allow you to be a part of the New York Fashion event. Thanks to social media, Fashion Week just got hotter! Check out this article from Stephanie Marcus at, which offers a variety of links to experience it.

HOW TO: Follow New York Fashion Week Online

New York Fashion Week kicked off Thursday, September 9, with more than 90 of the world’s best known and up-and-coming designers ready to display their Spring 2011 Collections.

It’s an exciting time for industry heavyweights and fashion lovers alike, as there have been some big changes to this year’s event. For the first time since 1993, Bryant Park will not be home to the glamorous white tents, as the runways are now located at Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. What’s more, Fashion Week, now branded as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, is embracing technology — keeping the event as innovative as the clothes gracing the runway.

The chaos and drama associated with fashion shows may be mitigated this year by Fashion GPS, a 6-year-old startup that is managing 184 shows during the event’s week long run. The company provides a hi-tech approach to managing registration, credentials, and seating systems and also offers real-time online invitations and RSVPs.

The digital checkin system means it’s going to be a lot harder bypass security if you’re not on the list. And while Fashion Week was moved to its new location to accommodate its expansion and grant access to more press, you, the fashion-minded civilian probably didn’t score an invite.

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How To Follow the Money: The Social Media Advertising Boom

Posted by: Carlee Vellinga

Social media campaigns are evolving as advertisers learn which techniques work and which are not as beneficial. As advertisers become more interested in social media marketing, they are willing to pay more. Facebook still leads the way in money spent for advertisements, while Twitter and location-based programs are in the experimental phase. This article from Adam Ostrow at shows where the money is in this expanding industry.

Following the Money in the Social Media Advertising Boom

This post originally appeared on, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about social media, business and technology.

Citing a recovering economy and increasing marketer interest in the space, research company eMarketer recently raised its 2010 spending forecast for advertising on social networks by nearly 30% to $1.68 billion domestically.

Within the social media world, however, a number of trends are dictating how, why and where money gets spent — trends that will push the industry past the $2 billion mark in 2011, according to eMarketer’s projections.

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How to Shop The Web: NEW YORK Fashion Week

Posted by: Carlee Vellinga

With New York Fashion Week upon us, many of us are becoming more excited about our personal style. We know that social media is beneficial for networking, marketing, and many other activities. However, if you are looking to improve your wardrobe and save money while doing it, look to social networking. Mollie Vandor, from, shows you how to use online resources that appeal to your fashion sense in this article filled with tips and links.

HOW TO: Score the Best Fashion Deals on the Social Web

Just because the economy is still depressed doesn’t mean you have to be. In fact, there are plenty of ways to live it up without seeing your bank balance plummet — especially if you know how to use social media to live the good life on tight budget.

Even the most reclusive social media shut-ins need to leave the house for some in-person networking at some point. And when you do, you don’t want to look like the poor slob who just threw on whichever pants were closest to the computer screen. Nor do you want to be the designer diva who can’t afford cab fare because she blew all her bucks on a brand name bag. Fortunately, thanks to a few online tips and tricks, high fashion doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

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