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Alicia Keys Uses to Find New Blogger

Posted By: Valerie Jennings

I want to share a article written by Christina Warren that highlights how prevalent social media is becoming in various industries. This particular article focuses on musician Alicia Keys teaming up with to hire a blogger for her website.

Alicia Keys Uses to Find New Blogger

Grammy Award-winning musician Alicia Keys is looking for a new blogger for her website (I Am Super) and she’s teaming up with to find the right candidate. will use its new 6Sense semantic search technology (shown off in the company’s Super Bowl ad) to help narrow the search down to the right candidate.

From April 6 through May 3, qualified candidates can submit their applications via this job listing. Then, will use its technology to comb through the resumes, using semantic filters to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

At this point, a group of applicants will be asked to create videos and writing samples for, and those entries and videos will be on display for the public to offer their feedback as well. An advisory panel that includes Alicia Keys and her team, as well as executives from, will then look at the applicants and the top 10 will be selected and flown to New York.

The top 3 candidates will then be given a final task: to blog about The Black Ball UK on May 27. By the end of June, the new Head Blogger will be announced and hired.

Check out this video from

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Valerie Jennings featured in article; 50 Great Tips to Elevate Your Personal Brand

Posted By: Jared Cook

I would like to thank Cindy Yantis for featuring Valerie Jennings and Jennings Social Media Marketing in her post on tips to elevate your personal brand.

50 Seriously Great Tips to Elevate Your Personal Brand
By Cindy Yantis

I love connecting with extraordinary people; it’s part of my amazing journey in this life. And, in my current stead of helping people build meaningful and successful careers I have had the esteemed pleasure of running across remarkable folks who are really out there DOING IT, people who have exploded their personal brands!

48. Be REALLY effective on Twitter!

“Google’s real time search has changed the way the search engine finds tweets. Now, tweets must include keywords that your clients, prospects and press use to find information about products, services and businesses. For these reasons make sure you: run a Google keyword report on search trends and use these keywords in your tweets; use – A Twitter application that allows you to search for what’s trending on Twitter; review Twitter trends daily and incorporate these trending keywords and phrases into your Tweets as long as they are relevant to your target audience, otherwise it’s spam! Use #hashtags to #SEO your message via Twitter so you can be discovered; use simple language that offers advice, how to’s and important information that is Google-friendly to real time search.” Valerie Jennings,

Click here for the entire article Releases the Best of Green 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards: Fashion & Beauty Nominees:

By: Billy Griffin

I would like to share a contest further proving that social media greatly influences the sustainable fashion industry and advocates the green movement.

Best of Green 2010 Readers' Choice, one of the largest websites in the world and the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream, releases the nominees for the Best of Green 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards. Treehugger’s editors and writers put their heads together to name more than 170 winners across eight topics, naming the people, places, products, companies, and ideas that are pushing the green movement forward. Now, invites readers to pick the cream of the crop. Through April 2, readers can vote in more than 40 prize categories across our eight main topics. The Readers’ Choice winners will be announced the week of April 12.

Social Media Offers the Eco Fashion Industry the Perfect Niche to Prove Permanence:

By: Billy Griffin

Social Media offers designers the chance to promote their own eco-friendly fashion lines, as well as share the green methods in which they create their garments. The social media sphere as a whole offers a place for the green advocacy movement to create awareness. The sustainable fashion is not just a trend, not just hippie potato sacks and Kumbaya, but instead a wearable, fashionable and profitable permanent niche within the overall fashion industry.

websites like, an online community devoted to the future of sustainable fashion design, provides evidence that going green is not a trend. According to their mission statement, “Organic clothing, produced without toxic pesticides and dipped in low-impact dyes, is gaining popularity across the globe. In 2006, retail sales of organic cotton products reached $1.1 billion globally—85 percent higher than the year before, according to the Organic Exchange.”

Jennings Social Media Marketing: How to Search Engine Optimize Tweets

Posted By: Jared Cook

As Twitter continues to make national headlines, companies are racing to search engine optimize their tweets and now with Googles real time search there are different ways to get ahead of the conversation.

In the latest video from Jennings Social Media Marketing, how to search engine optimize (SEO) tweets. Google real time search updates as stuff is happening around the web-for example, live tweets, Yahoo Answers, news articles and web pages now stream in on the actual results pages for your query. Search engine optimization twitter tools used for real time search include Twitterfall, Trendistic, and Tweetbeep. Mike Dobbs from gives the top ten twitter SEO tips that are out of this world.

Picture 1

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Twitter

Posted by: Anna Nelson

Mike Dobbs, group director of SEO at 360i, posted his top 10 search engine optimization (SEO) tips on Twitter pages and individual tweets now appear in Google search results.

Mashable Google Search results

Dobbs says now is the time to optimize your Twitter presence. Here’s a preview of his tips:

  1. Choose a good handle

    Be sure to pick an optimal handle that’s relevant to your brand or campaign and easy to remember. Your handle (also known as your Username) then becomes part of your customized Twitter URL such as or Doing this creates a static address for future search indexing, which also helps usability for other cross-channel promotions. So choose wisely! The fun challenge…

  2. Select an account name wisely

    Optimize the Twitter account name to best reflect your brand. Your name is what appears next to your profile, which can be different than your handle/URL. You obviously want an account name that promotes yourself, your company or your brand…

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How to buy social media advertising: 40 percent of consumers made purchases due to interactive social media ads

Posted By: Xavier Loya

Here is some information from an article by Fred Aun, a writer for, about the impact and increase of advertising via social media.


Advertising is not a turnoff to people who love social media websites. In fact, many MySpace and Facebook users said ads on their favorite social sites have prompted them to buy something, according to a new report from Razorfish.

In its survey-based publication named “FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report,” the digital marketing agency says 76 percent of the 1,006 people surveyed said they didn’t mind seeing ads when they logged-in to Facebook, MySpace or the other social media sites they frequent. Razorfish also found that 40 percent of the respondents said they made purchases due to seeing those ads.

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How the Travel & Resort Industry is Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Posted By: Jared Cook

I want to share an article written by Melissa Jun Rowley from about social media and the resort industry.


How the Resort Industry is Using Social Media

A growing number of resort and spa destinations are spreading their wings and reaching a wider customer base via social media. With the help of social networking platforms and niche bloggers, vacation spots are broadening their branding efforts from the sand to the slopes, and connecting with potential patrons they may not have reached through traditional advertising.

Here’s a look at some of the social strategies these getaway companies are employing and what we can learn from their success.

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How Green Businesses can Utilize Social Media Marketing to Reach Green Bloggers, Reporters and Consumers

By: Leslie Fischer

Green initiatives and social media go together like two (organic) peas in a pod. Green companies looking to grow their business, clientele and networking base with other environmentally friendly prospects need to utilize social media to decrease their carbon footprint, while increasing business. Social media reaches green audiences like no other communication medium available today. Green bloggers are blogging about environmental issues and major media sources are listening. Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and now, with social media, green companies are able to be heard in unprecedented ways. One tweet about a tip on greening up your home or a blog about a new green product is now visible for major media forums, not to mention, can be targeted toward the exact green audience companies have been trying to reach for years. Greening our global community is imperative. Mobilizing the forces that can make that dream a reality are most easily reached through social media.

Tweeters like Ecogiant @algore and Eco-friendly Vegan Filmmaker @ecovegangal, know what’s up. In a article written by Cameron Chapman about environmentalists to follow on twitter, these two ecologically sound trendsetters, along with 73 others are the focus of top green voices to listen to.

Green Tweets: 75+ Environmentalists to Follow on Twitter

Twitter has a huge green community. There are green media, green companies and green charities all active on the microblogging service, as well as a whole bunch of individual environmentalists and green bloggers. The #EcoMonday hashtag — the environmental equivalent of #FollowFriday, in which Twitter users suggest “green” tweeters to follow and share green news and info — has grown into a regular trending topic every Monday, along with a variety of other green initiatives.

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If your company is not already sustainable or you are still trying to figure out your green strategy for employees, vendors and clients, check out this video from Brad Roderick on greening-up your office!

Jennings Social Media Marketing releases new video with Valerie Jennings

Posted By: Jared Cook

This week, Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing released her latest promotional video about the changes within our industry. Jennings started her company in 2003 at age 24 from her home in Overland Park, Kan. Now, the business works with companies around the globe.

Watch the history of her business and some featured work by Jennings:


Twitter, Facebook and Superstar Athletes

By Jerid Gunter

Not only do they perform and entertain on their respective playing fields, but professional and high-profile collegiate athletes are also entertaining online. Yes, multi-million dollar athletes are frequenting social media sites like Twitter and Facebook just like you and I, if not more frequently. With every 140 characters, they share to the world what’s going on in their own world and their fans are entertained yet again. While this is a great way for athletes to connect with their fans, it can also be another trap door for players to fall into trouble.

It doesn’t take long for word to spread when it’s posted on the Internet, especially when you’re a big name athlete. Former Kansas City Chiefs running back, Larry Johnson, knows this from personal experience. Mid-way through the 2009 NFL season, Johnson posted a negative comment on Twitter, laced with derogatory language and slamming his new head coach. Piled on top of the already mounting off-field trouble, it didn’t take long for Johnson to find himself suspended by the league and later cut from the Chiefs roster.

At the University of Kansas, basketball player Tyshawn Taylor has found himself in trouble on a couple of occasions due to questionable comments he posted on Facebook. In the fall of 2009, Taylor involved himself in the widely publicized campus fight that took place between the Jayhawks football and basketball teams and proceeded to inform everyone on Facebook that he dislocated his thumb because he punched someone. More recently, Taylor posted a comment on Facebook alluding to the idea that he may transfer to another school because of his limited playing time at Kansas. Taylor no longer has his Facebook account.

While there are disaster stories of athletes and social media, there are certainly some who know how to use it to their benefit. Cincinnati Bengals’ star wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, has jumped into the world of social media head first and is making quite a splash. What started as a Twitter account has turned into what Ochocinco now calls OCNN: Ochocinco News Network. In addition to replying to followers’ tweets and posting his own personal tweets, Ochocinco is pursuing a side job of being a part of the media via Twitter and other mediums. This past week, Ochocinco has been in Miami covering Super Bowl XLIV with a team of three other current NFL players for OCNN. In addition, Ochocinco and OCNN have gone as far as having sponsorships from Motorola Blur and Degree for Men featured on the Twitter page. It looks like Twitter has created an additional career path for Ochocinco.

Social media is a wonderful way to stay connected with friends, family, fans, clients and customers. However, it’s critical that one is careful on what they post for the cyberworld to see, especially for those in the world’s spotlight. For everyone else, what we post can certainly be under scrutiny also. For those who are in search of careers or who have careers working with or in front of the public, employers and potential employers are watching. One questionable post and we may be in the same boat Johnson found himself in with (or without) the Chiefs.

Getting the Most Out of Your Blog: A Promotional Tool as well as a Means to Boost Business Credentials as “Thought-Leaders” Within Your Industry

By Billy Griffin

Upon hearing the word “blog,” we often are inclined to revert to the cliché; the odes of tweenage girls venting about boy trouble, feline-fashion tips from recluse cat-ladies, or the perfectly pink posts of Hollywood celebrity gossip gurus. Blogs have long been the regarded as the artwork of amateurs. However, with the emergence of social media marketing, blogs are now booming with new-and-improved content intended to inform a more professional audience.

Looking at our recent video case study release focusing on and the sustainable design market, one can notice the cross-industry perk blogs pertain thanks to social media marketing, the first and most notable benefit being the self-promotional factor.

Hamptons Green Alliance Members Present HGA House Update to AIA Peconic Dinner Meeting

Posted by: Xavier Loya

I would like share a story that Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing, was presented by Hamptons Green Alliance. The story focuses on the HGA presentation of housing development updates at the AIA Peconic Member Dinner Meeting in Southampton, NY.

Hamptons Green Alliance Members Present HGA House Update to AIA Peconic Dinner Meeting 

 Bridgehampton, NY – Members of the Hamptons Green Alliance (, believed to be the first group of contractors who specialize in a variety of disciplines in the building industry to formally come together to share their expertise and promote sustainable building practices, recently presented their first project to members of the AIA Peconic Member Dinner Meeting in Southampton, NY.

The HGA project, which was announced last year, is a net zero energy, carbon neutral and LEED platinum house on Long Island. In what is believed to be a first in the Hamptons – if not the nation – this home is being rebuilt from the ashes of a horrific fire.

The presentation, which focused on the planning process for the HGA house project, which followed many of the concepts described in AIA new Integrated Project Delivery forms, also included reviews of the sustainable technologies used to attain the goals of the project as well as those that have been used to create energy in sustainable ways. There was a discussion of how thin film photovoltaic creates electricity with less impact on aesthetics, and a review of the status of residential windmills for this project. Other sustainable technologies required to meet the project’s goals were discussed such as low flow plumbing fixtures, smart home electronic technology, improvement of soil composition organically and reviews of materials to reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

All founding members of the Hamptons Green Alliance were on hand to field questions concerning the technologies that each has brought to the project.

The group, working with the Long Island Chapter of the United States Green Building Council, intends to seek LEED Certified Platinum status for the house, as well as implement a methodology developed by Frank Dalene, president of Telemark, Inc. and a founding member of the Hamptons Green Alliance. In addition to the presentation on the HGA House, Mr. Dalene also presented information on ICEMAN, a mathematical formula that scientifically determines the carbon footprint of any manufactured product. The mechanism is briefly explained on the website:

Steve Jobs announces new Apple iPad tablet

By: Leslie Fischer

With all the hype regarding the new Apple iPad tablet I want to share some recent news. Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. announces the new apple iPad tablet at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Wednesday.

“When something exceedes your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical,” said Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive. The magicians at work behind the tool that changed modern technology, the iPhone, are at it again, and this time they’ve created a product that, at this point, seems like a mere illusion. The iPad, which will be available in two to three months, will truly revolutionize everyday life. This innovative piece of technology will change the way consumers work, with large touch-screen Internet and e-mail capabilities, and play, with videos, photos, iBooks, and a YouTube app. The iPad also comes with a comprehensive contact list, calendar, and an on-screen keyboard accompanying a place to take notes, although now, we’d expect nothing less from Apple.


The iPad has Wi-Fi availability and can also run on AT&T’s third generation wireless network. With a convenient size, around that of a magazine, and weighing only 1.5 pounds, the iPad fits nicely into a purse or briefcase, making it light enough to take to the office, and big enough to read on the subway. Because of its user-friendly lay-out and design, coupled with Apple’s strong reputation of reliability, this new gadget will no doubt become the latest must-have accessory. If that’s not enough to excite even the most savvy technaholic, the iPad is equipped with a battery life lasting up to ten hours, making this little widget nothing short of a wonder.

NBC announces mobile alerts available for 2010 Winter Olympics

Posted by: Sam Millikan

This is an article from written by Patricia Carson about new NBC mobile alerts for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The article discusses how you can have easier access to all of your favorite winter events using mobile phone software.

NBC Mobile Alerts for 2010 Winter Olympics
January 21st, 2010 by Patricia Carson

NBC is taking full advantage of mobile software technology for the Winter Olympics beginning on February 12, 2010. They’ve set up a whole system using mobile alerts that allows you to be alerted by TV schedules, your favorite sport, athlete, medal counts and more. Just select “Mobile, Alerts, Shop & More” from the home page navigation bar and select Mobile from the drop down menu, or click here to see the full menu of options available for the information that can be sent to you via mobile.

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How Social Media Impacts Fashion Industry

by Billy Griffin

The fashion industry is ever changing, each season spawning different trends, fads and faux paus. Social media is now putting a new spin on the already rapidly moving industry.

Until recently, the only consumer-industry interaction has been at the checkout counter or rare red carpet event. With social media booming, we see a new breed of consumer. Taking to the blogs, vlogs and tweets, consumers voice their various trend-tips, style-suggestions and fashion-feedback.

Social media offers fashion brand-loyalists a place to network with each other as well as with the industry itself. No longer does the industry have to depend on alternate trend-spotting sources and risky production decisions, they have a free real-time source of certainty through social media content. Social media now links the consumer directly to the industry.

How will this further change the industry? Due to the rapid response capability of consumers, one can predict an even faster rate of market changes. In the fashion industry, they say one minute you’re hot, the next you’re not. Now, thanks to social media, hot just became cold as consumers trend-in and trend-out through social media content. The fashion industry will now need to adapt to an already ever-changing market.

Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing featured in article on; Not Suitable for Family Viewing

Posted By: Jared Cook

Here is an article written by Galia Myron on featuring Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing about television viewing becoming more individualistic.

Not Suitable for Family Viewing

Television viewing is becoming more individualistic, no more family viewing.

The days of the family gathering around the telly to take in an evening show after dinner are over, says a Swedish study that examined society’s ever-changing relationship with television. While trendwatchers have long reported that people are becoming more independent, “We are becoming more and more individualistic also in our choice of TV programs,” researcher Jakob Bjur wrote in a new dissertation from University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

“In 1999 social viewing, watching together, accounted for 45 percent, and in 2008 it was down to 37 percent. We are becoming more and more individualistic also in our TV choices, and I’m convinced that this trend will continue. We can no longer speak of TV as a social adhesive, a unifying force,” Bjur said publicly, adding that television is now a source of social fragmentation. There are other avenues for social interaction, he added, including the Internet.

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Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing, featured in article; A Little Viral Campaign Gets a Big Response

Posted by: Jared Cook

I want to share a article from written by Barbara Goldberg, featuring Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing. The article focuses on the Susan G. Komen Facebook page and their recent viral public relations campaign.

A Little Viral Campaign Gets a Big Response

What good could possibly come of revealing to the world the color of your undergarments? Apparently, quite a lot.

Just 24 hours after a viral campaign tied to breast cancer awareness exploded on Facebook two weeks ago, more than 2,000 new fans — 10 times the usual number in that time period– joined the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Facebook page. It started when women around the world forwarded this e-mail to their friends:
“Some fun is going on . . . just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. And send this on to ONLY girls, no men . . . It will be fun to see how long it takes before the men will wonder why all the girls have a color in their status . . . Pass it on & do your breast self-exams!”

The viral campaign raised disease awareness by raising the curiosity of a few good men, sparking news coverage by, the Associated Press, Good Morning America, and other major outlets. And it’s continued to grow.

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How to: add captions to your YouTube videos

Posted by; Xavier Loya

I would like to share some valuable online tips from Mashable staff writer Samuel Axom regarding the placement of closed captions on YouTube videos. In his tutorial he runs down the easy steps of applying captions to user videos, making the process almost “an absolute breeze.”

How to: add captions to your YouTube videos

YouTube has a global audience, so if you want to reach as many people as possible, you’ll have to make sure subtitles are available for your videos. You’ll want closed captioning to reach the deaf and hard of hearing, too. Thankfully, that process has shifted from relatively easy to an absolute breeze in recent months. Here’s how to make it happen.

Once you’ve uploaded a video to your YouTube (YouTube) account, you have two options for generating subtitles for the video: You can use the CaptionTube web app that Google (Google) has created, or you can upload a transcript you make yourself and use Google’s speech recognition technology to automatically assign the right times to each caption. In either case, you’ll end up with a text file that you can edit to make corrections if need be, and viewers will be able to either read the captions in their native language or translate them on the fly when watching your video.


First, direct your browser to the CaptionTube website and you’ll find a well-realized web application for importing videos, adding and timing captions for them, and exporting the captions however you want them. You’ll have to sign in with your Google account. After you’ve done that, you’ll have two options for importing a video; you can either import a list of all the videos on your account, or you can specify the web address for a public video

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Lake Superior State University Releases 2010 List of Banished Words

Posted By: Michelle Camber

Here is a list created by Lake Superior State University of the words banished for 2010 due to misuse, over use or general uselessness.

Lake Superior State University 2010 List of Banished Words

Word “czars” at Lake Superior State University “unfriended” 15 words and phrases and declared them “shovel-ready” for inclusion on the university’s 35th annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.

“The list this year is a ‘teachable moment’ conducted free of ‘tweets,’” said a Word Banishment spokesman who was “chillaxin’” for the holidays. “‘In these economic times’, purging our language of ‘toxic assets’ is a ‘stimulus’ effort that’s ‘too big to fail.’”

Former LSSU Public Relations Director Bill Rabe and friends created “word banishment” in 1975 at a New Year’s Eve party and released the first list on New Year’s Day. Since then, LSSU has received tens of thousands of nominations for the list, which includes words and phrases from marketing, media, education, technology and more.

Word-watchers may check the alphabetical “complete list” on the website before making their submissions.

For the 2010 list, read on:

Mashable releases the 5 Big Real Time Web Search Trends of 2009 and 2010 Predictions

Posted By: Valerie Jennings

Google and Bing, along with other search engines’ newest “real-time Web search” abilities are incredible. Due to the trending available via Twitter, search engines are able to find new Web and social media marketing content in “real time.”

5 Big Real-Time Web Trends of 2009

By Samuel Axon

Web technology and social media change radically from month to month, so it’s difficult to make predictions about what The Next Big Thing is, but you can be confident that the real-time web will get bigger and more essential in 2010. It came to a head in 2009, though, and this year’s applications can give you some idea of what to expect after the New Year.

Twitter’s influence and prominence in the growth of the real-time web goes without saying, but even if it’s the flagship, there’s a fleet of other new services and ventures that are bringing real-time to millions of netizens. Here’s a roundup of the five most exciting general applications of the concept, and examples of each. But if you know of a great one that should be here, fill us in. (Read more)

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