Alicia Keys Uses to Find New Blogger

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Posted By: Valerie Jennings I want to share a article written by Christina Warren that highlights how prevalent social media is becoming in various industries. This particular article focuses on musician Alicia Keys teaming up with to hire a blogger for her website. Alicia Keys Uses to Find New Blogger Grammy Award-winning […]

Valerie Jennings featured in article; 50 Great Tips to Elevate Your Personal Brand

Posted By: Jared Cook I would like to thank Cindy Yantis for featuring Valerie Jennings and Jennings Social Media Marketing in her post on tips to elevate your personal brand. 50 Seriously Great Tips to Elevate Your Personal Brand By Cindy Yantis I love connecting with extraordinary people; it’s part of my amazing journey in […] Releases the Best of Green 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards: Fashion & Beauty Nominees:

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By: Billy Griffin I would like to share a contest further proving that social media greatly influences the sustainable fashion industry and advocates the green movement., one of the largest websites in the world and the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream, releases the nominees for the Best of Green 2010 Readers’ […]

Social Media Offers the Eco Fashion Industry the Perfect Niche to Prove Permanence:

By: Billy Griffin Social Media offers designers the chance to promote their own eco-friendly fashion lines, as well as share the green methods in which they create their garments. The social media sphere as a whole offers a place for the green advocacy movement to create awareness. The sustainable fashion is not just a trend, […]

Jennings Social Media Marketing: How to Search Engine Optimize Tweets

Posted By: Jared Cook As Twitter continues to make national headlines, companies are racing to search engine optimize their tweets and now with Googles real time search there are different ways to get ahead of the conversation. In the latest video from Jennings Social Media Marketing, how to search engine optimize (SEO) tweets. Google real […]

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Twitter

Posted by: Anna Nelson Mike Dobbs, group director of SEO at 360i, posted his top 10 search engine optimization (SEO) tips on Twitter pages and individual tweets now appear in Google search results. Dobbs says now is the time to optimize your Twitter presence. Here’s a preview of his tips: Choose a good handle […]

How to buy social media advertising: 40 percent of consumers made purchases due to interactive social media ads

Posted By: Xavier Loya Here is some information from an article by Fred Aun, a writer for, about the impact and increase of advertising via social media. Advertising is not a turnoff to people who love social media websites. In fact, many MySpace and Facebook users said ads on their favorite social sites have […]

How the Travel & Resort Industry is Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Posted By: Jared Cook I want to share an article written by Melissa Jun Rowley from about social media and the resort industry. How the Resort Industry is Using Social Media A growing number of resort and spa destinations are spreading their wings and reaching a wider customer base via social media. With the […]

How Green Businesses can Utilize Social Media Marketing to Reach Green Bloggers, Reporters and Consumers

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By: Leslie Fischer Green initiatives and social media go together like two (organic) peas in a pod. Green companies looking to grow their business, clientele and networking base with other environmentally friendly prospects need to utilize social media to decrease their carbon footprint, while increasing business. Social media reaches green audiences like no other communication […]

Jennings Social Media Marketing releases new video with Valerie Jennings

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Posted By: Jared Cook This week, Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing released her latest promotional video about the changes within our industry. Jennings started her company in 2003 at age 24 from her home in Overland Park, Kan. Now, the business works with companies around the globe. Watch the history of her […]