Social Networking “Friends” Politics: How to Make Facebook Ads Work to Political Candidates’ Favor

Posted by: Micah Pratt, Director of Social Networking R&D The 2012 presidential election will be like one never experienced before. Social networking sites are playing a role in these elections that wasn’t imaginable four years ago by hosting debates, facilitating the political conversation and connecting candidates with voters in the digital world. Here is an […]

Franchises Are Embracing the Possibilities of Social Media Platforms Like Facebook to Extend Their Brands

Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in Blogged, Blogging, Facebook

Posted By: Kerry Phouthavong Franchises have been embracing social media platforms as an opportunity to help extend their brands. In a recent article, written by Jason Ankeny in, he explains the significance in using social media for franchises. The article states that among franchises active in social media, 45 percent tell Franchise Business Review […]

Non-Profit Social Networking Site To Launch

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010 in Blogged, Facebook

At the Social Good Summit held by Mashable and 92Y, Chris Hughes commented on the upcoming release of a new social network designed for non-profit organizations. Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, explained his passion for Jumo, the new network. Jumo will primarily exist to build relationships between people and non-profit organizations. He believes that giving begins […]

How To Follow the Money: The Social Media Advertising Boom

Posted by on Sep 13, 2010 in Blogged, Facebook

Posted by: Carlee Vellinga Social media campaigns are evolving as advertisers learn which techniques work and which are not as beneficial. As advertisers become more interested in social media marketing, they are willing to pay more. Facebook still leads the way in money spent for advertisements, while Twitter and location-based programs are in the experimental […]